My Letter to Michelle Obama

Did any of you other liberals get the email from Michelle Obama yesterday entitled “Up Late”?  It started:

Dear Kiersten,

Every night in the White House, I see Barack up late poring over briefings, reading your letters, and writing notes to people he’s met.

I decided to write a response.

Dear Michelle,

Please tell Barack that I would prefer he not stay up late at night.  Sleep is one of the most important factors in mental health, and I would prefer to have a president who understood this and got his proper supply of Z’s.  Without sleep, a person can become quite emotionally imbalanced.  Without sleep, your body cannot properly rejuvenate to fight off disease and infection.

I like your husband very much and I want to see him survive for another term in the White House, as well as long into his retirement years.  Please tell Barack to go to bed and stop worrying so much about the next election.  The Republicans don’t stand a chance, IMHO.

Sincerely, Kiersten

What do you think, should the President stay up at night writing notes to people he’s met, or should he let his body and mind rejuvenate so he can make decisions and lead the free world? Just sayin’.

12 thoughts on “My Letter to Michelle Obama

  1. Not really-I have no idea how the election will go-I don’t know how anyone can be so sure.I’m talking about the WHOLE election process by the way-not just the Presidency
    I think both houses and the top job are all up for grabs.
    Personally I think the Senate is most important because Presidential appointments have become so influential on a day to day basis.

  2. Poor Barak, the worse thing that ever happened to him was being elected President. He already looks so much older. Being a Senator was a much cushier job. I remember thinking the day he was elected would be the happiest day of his life, all downhill after that, dealing with the economy he inherited, the population that wants government services but doesn’t want to pay for them, his base after him to immediately fix unemployment, grant amnesty to illegals, stop global warming, settle the Mideast disputes, end homophobia, rebuild the union movement, while all the while being called a socialist, Muslim, Hitler, foreigner, and failed failed failed all the time by the pervasive right-wing media. Amazing anybody runs for this office.

    But ex-Presidents can thrive, see Clinton.

    1. Clinton is a streetwise good ol’ Bubba conniving character and apparently is genuinely likeable in person.
      Obama lived a curiously sheltered life and it seems he’s uncomfortable around most people.
      Clinton knew how to horse trade-Obama doesn’t.
      This country is more divided now than at any time since the 60’s-and I mean the 1860’s.
      It’s not gonna get any better either.
      I see Nancy already expecting Obamacare to be struck down by SCOTUS-maybe.If so,it may be a Pyrrhic victory for the right and actually strengthen the left in the upcoming election-so hard to predict.
      If it’s upheld,it may trigger a Republican landslide in hopes of legislative repeal.
      Sometimes less really is more.
      And please-“poor Obama”?He asked for it.He got it.

  3. From an Australian perspective Kiersten, I think the President should snuggle down with Michelle and have a good night’s sleep so that he is fortified sufficiently to wage war with the “evil” Tea Party apologists the following day.
    That’s how we Aussies survived the GFC in such a brilliant manner.

    Love to US social workers from Sydney

    1. Thanks, Don — it always helps to have an international perspective! I agree that we need Obama. He still symbolizes hope in my book.

  4. Kiersten-if a cheesy Chicago politician still symbolizes “hope”to you,I think you’ve become lost in a fantasy.
    Nobody should”symbolize”anything-that right there is a major problem with your approach to the whole subject.People are individually one thing or another and nothing more or less.
    I guess you believe in group attributes.

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