Occupy Sexism

Most likely there is not a Personal Goddess who favors Her worshippers with good weather. April 22 was one of those ‘cruelest month’ days.

The rally sponsored by the ‘Rhode Island Anti-Sexism League’ had been planned for City Hall Park, with a march through downtown, but rain changed the meeting place to the shelter of the tunnel under the skating rink. There, about 30 people assembled for a speak-out on economic injustice, inequality and violence against women, and men too, who get on the wrong side of gender roles.

The miracle, perhaps, is that a diverse group braved the chill and the damp to hear two hours of speeches. The miracle that this group comprised young and old, men and women, queer and straight, couples pushing strollers, students, teachers, workers and activists. This is the miracle I see at Occupy Providence– the reaching across lines.

The sad and frustrating thing is that we have to come to this place again. More than one speaker reminded us that equality for women will not be won in one generation.

The General Assembly of Occupy Providence has been meeting twice a week since leaving Burnside Park. I expect that in May the press will be reporting on the return of Occupy Providence. The truth is we never left.

2 thoughts on “Occupy Sexism

  1. “We?”Were you camped out there?
    On this sexism thing-I worked in NY State and Federal civil service and women made the same pay as men in the same pay grade.In the INS it seemed we were topheavy with women at higher positions of authority,for example under Clinton the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner were both women and in the case of the Deputy,devoid of qualifications for the job.
    Whe I was a NY State Court Officer(this was in the 70’s) I was assigned for quite a while to a squad for high security risk trials and the supervisor was a Black woman-the entire rest of the squad were men.She did a very good job.Just sayin’.

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