Question for Mitt Romney

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Ed Kilgore at the Washington Monthly reports that the Romney campaign has a new slogan, “Obama Isn’t Working”.

Job loss and a weak economy are affecting almost all of us. We who feel fairly secure in our jobs have children, friends, relatives who are out of work.

I am one of those who wanted President Obama to start a new WPA, to make the banks accountable, to break up monopolies so that in future we will not be held hostage by private corporations that have grown ‘too big to fail’.

NYT columnist Gail Collins said that Barack Obama promised to bring us together, but he didn’t promise to bring us together in left field. Clearly we elected a moderate.

Given that, I have never in my lifetime seen such hostility to a president. That includes Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush. Barack Obama had to show his birth certificate. He is constantly accused of being socialist and faces a divided Congress. The economic recession is worldwide– as you will notice if you watch the stock market freak every time something happens in Greece or China. Even if Barack Obama had inherited a surplus and a peace dividend, we would be facing some rocky times.

Of course, that was not the case.

President Obama inherited an economic crisis, two foreign wars, and a Congress with a slim Democratic majority formed by coalitions of widely differing constituencies.

We do not have the job growth we need, but the graph shows what we were up against after 8 years of President Bush.

My question for Mitt Romney– ‘Republicans held the White House for 8 years. Clearly their economic policies weren’t working. What would a President Romney do differently from President George W. Bush?’

That is the question to ask.

5 thoughts on “Question for Mitt Romney

  1. Obama is not the worst President in my lifetime-that distinction belongs to Jimmy Carter,hands down.
    Obama never had the qualifications to be President-an undistnguished 8 years in the Illinois State Senate;a law professorship;and some time as a “community organizer”.Carter came in with reasonable qualifications,but made an absolute mess at home and abroad.Actually,we are still deling with Carter’s missteps in the areas of immigration;Iran;Afghanistan;and the Middle East(apart from the aforementioned areas).
    Obama is the result of a masterful campaign strategy largely orchestrated by people like David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel along with a lot of psych warfare type imagery and sound;an opponent in the primary who thought she owned the Presidency;and a general bad feeling towards Bush and Republicans stemming from the wars and the Wall Street debacle.Obama fired up younger people,Blacks,and liberals with visions of sugar plums in their heads,etc.
    He’s lucky to have Romney as an opponent.Romney doesn’t fire anyone up and most people like me will vote for him because he isn’t Obama.
    Personally,I’d be happy if Republicans control Congress and can block any more appointments like Kagan.And maybe impeach and remove Holder.

  2. Sorry, worst president since Herbert Hoover is GW Bush. Hands down, no question, not even close.

    The guy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was a drunk and probably a cocaine user. He used his daddy’s influence to avoid the draft. He may–or may not–have gone AWOL and never completed his service. (The Dan Rather thing did not exonerate him; it simply demonstrated that the documents were not real. There is no evidence, no one who can attest that Baby Bush completed his term. Regardless, he still used his connections to avoid the draft.)

    He engaged in a string of miserable business failures. In each and every case, he was bailed out by one of daddy’s friends. The guy is a walking case of entitlement. He got into Yale and then Harvard because of his connections, and completely failed to distinguish himself.

    As the owner of the Texas Rangers, he extorted a sweetheart stadium deal from city and county governments, because, you know, why should he pay for anything? He’d never paid for anything before, whether the payment was monetary, or in accepting the consequences of the miserable failures he left behind him.

    His career as governor was, to be kind, less than distinguished. To begin with, the office of governor in Texas is largely ceremonial. IOW, he was an empty suit and little else.

    Then, at some point in 1999, the media anointed him the front runner for the GOP nomination. His only credential was his name. Oh, and a pile of money, and list of some very wealthy donors.

    Even then, he lost the election, and had to be given the presidency by one of the most blatant and outrageous acts of judicial activism ever perpetrated, It was so heinous that the majority opinion specifically stated that this case could not be used as a precedent. If it had been fairly decided, why attach that stipulation? The Supremes intervened in a state affair, in clear violation of the constitution. States regulate elections; the federal government had no business getting involved.

    Then, once in office, he squandered the moral high ground and sympathy the country gained in the wake of 9/11, telling a series of what can plausibly be called lies in order to invade Iraq. Once there, we tortured people, and began using torture as a tool of the state. We got into the war without just cause, without having any sense of what we were getting into, with no idea of how we would get out, and with the childish expectation that everything would go the way we wanted.

    As a finale, he oversaw the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression. The biggest piece of luck he ever had was to have the collapse occur at the end of his term. So, once again, he left the mess for someone else to clean up. Hoover, OTOH, was stuck there for a full term, so it was obvious that he was the problem.

    So we have a spoiled, entitled, childish, dry-drunk, who lied his way into an horrific war, oversaw the worst economic ‘recovery’ since WWII, oversaw the worst economic meltdown in 80 years, who screws the country up and over, then leaves the mess for someone else. Obama has been working to clean up the mess.

    If you actually look at the graph, the recovery started about 3 months into Obama’s term, after the Recovery Act was passed. This convinced the markets that the government was, finally, serious about addressing the issues, and so things started to turn around. Since then, the Dow and NASDAQ have hit numbers not seen since the boom.

    Oh, and he passed a landmark health care bill.

    Finally, your ‘reasons’ why Obama is the worst president of your life time are not reasons at all. They are opinions. What you have shown is that Obama is your least favorite president, which is entirely your prerogative. You can like or dislike him as you please.

    All I ask is that you not confuse your personal preferences with anything resembling
    a reasoned position supported by facts, evidence, or logic.

    And, BTW: impeachment is a serious thing. What crimes has Holder committed? Our system of gov’t does not allow impeachment of officials because they hold beliefs with which you disagree. So give me something concrete, or stop tossing ‘impeachment’ around so frivolously.

  3. The “Gunwalker” case comes to mind as a reason why Holder might face impeachment-I cannot believe he didn’t know what was being done by the ATF.I can guarantee you that the type of undercover operation they engaged in is not signed off on below the level of “main Justice”as we used to call it.
    You want to call me frivolous?At least two Federal officers were murdered with those weapons and an untold number of Mexicans.I was a Border Patrolman and Special Agent for the predecessor agency to ICE/CBP so to me it’s a real issue.Two of my classmates were killed on the job.You can pontificate from your home office,but I doubt you’d take the risks they did.
    I do hold a low opinion of Obama-I guess I can’t argue in defense of Bush since I didn’t care for him either and certainly didn’t vote for him.The Iraq War did it for me.
    Here’s another thing about Holder-he should NEVER have been confirmed because
    he(a)was a partner in a law firm that represented Gitmo detainees and didn’t reveal that to the Senate(b)he participated as a go between for United Fruit in their negotiations with Colombian terrorists,a clear violation of Federal law(c)was instrumental in obtaining pardons for the FALN,an unrepentant group of terrorist killers and getting the ball rolling on the Marc Rich pardon,another low for Clinton.
    So-who is worse,Obama or Bush?Truthfully,both of them had to deal with the fallout from Carter..

  4. Actually you don’t read very carefully-I hope you check labels on bug spray better than you did my comments-READ my first line-I said Obama wasn’t the worst President in my lifetime,but in your eagerness to get snarky with me you kinda skipped that.
    I was so disgusted by Bush’s hatchet job on McCain that I stayed home and didn’t vote in 2000 and voted Libertarian in 2004.
    Actually,if Bob(NOT John)Kerrey had run for President,I’d have voted for him.Yeah,I know-John Kerry,different spelling,ha ha.

  5. Give Hoover a break-he had no tools to work with facing the collapse-Wall Street was virtually unregulated.
    I read an interesting story about Hoover-he appointed a Supreme Court Justice,Cardozo,who was Jewish and one of his aides questioned the wisdom of that seeing as there was a Jewish Justice already on the Court(Brandeis)and he said that it was a good thing about the US that two members of such a small minority could serve on such a prestigious body at the same time.At least he didn’t share a common bigotry of his time.

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