Kmareka Named Top 10 Clinical Social Work Blog

Some good news for a Friday morning — we rank!  We’ve been ranked in the top 10 and here’s the rater’s comment:

“With the aim of bringing overlooked and neglected news and views to their readers, social worker Kiersten and nurse Ninjanurse, blog on “Kmareka” with wit, wisdom, and a dash of humor and lightheartedness. Together, Kiersten and Ninjanurse bring together news and stories on health, the environment, the economy, and social issues as well as their thoughts and opinions based on years of professional experiences.”

Nice, huh?  It’s always good to get a little positive feedback.  Here’s our badge:

clinical social worker career

5 thoughts on “Kmareka Named Top 10 Clinical Social Work Blog

  1. Thanks very much! The accolades are few and far between in this business, so we have to take ’em where we can get ’em!

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