A great little primer on mushrooms and fighting cancer.

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Mushrooms – Although we’ve heard much about medicinal mushrooms (reishi, shiitake, maitake, chaga) in recent years, even the common white button mushroom (the kind you find on pizzas) removes bad estrogens from the body, so is protective against breast and ovarian cancer. For those who live in areas where medicinal mushrooms aren’t easily available (no, not that kind), you can also take these in the form of an herbal supplement, which would have a higher concentration (powder capsule form is best for absorption).

Many of us have cancer cells in us over the years that we don’t even know about, and are obliterated by our immune systems, way before we have ever tangibly “caught” cancer. 

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  1. I’ve had cancer twice and found there is no easy way out of it.Mushrooms are tricky-one shouldn’t pick their own wild mushrooms without expert guidance unless you really like the idea of kidney and liver failure.
    I don’t necessarily ignore the validity of alternative medicine being potentially helpful,but if you get cancer,be prepared for some hard times.

  2. In my lifetime they have discovered that (sometimes) alcohol, chocolate, sex, coffee, and now mushrooms are good for you, why not pizza next?

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