Support Elizabeth Warren for US Senate, and Send Kiersten to Netroots Nation!

‘Tis the season to get all political. So I’ve decided to devote what little optimism I have for US politics to helping Elizabeth Warren get elected. I am running a fan fundraiser page for Elizabeth Warren for all the obvious reasons: she is a class act with tons of great experience, she is a progressive whose opinions I share on most issues, and her presence will not only raise the IQ in the US Senate, but will also raise the GQ (Gender-equality quotient). On top of that, if I can bring in enough supporters through, I might win a free pass to Netroots Nation, taking place here in Providence in June. Size of donation does not matter, only number of supporters I am able to rally to support her. So please, support Elizabeth Warren and perhaps we will all win. Kiersten Marek’s Rally Page for Elizabeth Warren.

9 thoughts on “Support Elizabeth Warren for US Senate, and Send Kiersten to Netroots Nation!

  1. Gee-you’re supporting Elizabeth Warren-what a surprise.Nice interest free loans she got from Harvard.She likes to scream a lot.

    1. Does this mean you won’t be donating to help send me to Netroots? Aww, and yet I keep hoping….someday….

      1. Guess so-I don’t live in Mass,but I think Scott Brown does a credible job-the extreme right don’t like him because he isn’t in lockstep with them.
        Elizabeth Warren is a social engineering advocate.I’m not.
        Netroots is something I’ve heard of and seems beloved of left wingers. has been sponsoring a 1984 type attack on the term “illegal alien”as hate speech-what crap.It’s the correct legal terminology derived from Title 8 of the US Code.That,by the way is the law covering immingration-The correct title is”Aliens and Nationality”-the US doesn’t follow some inane “international human rights”porridge that makes people feel good about themselves referring to it.Moveon would as soon see this country do away with any borders or immigration controls-that is stupid to the point of being evil.
        I keep eharing the hogwash about how we all descended from immigrants-sure-but they had to stop at Ellis Island or some other processing station and prove they were qualified to enter the country-and the same people who want to give carte blanche to illegal aliens demand practically a Catscan before letting a US citizen exercise their 2nd amendment rights.
        Now maybe you understand why I have no liking for Warren and her ilk.
        Plus she screams a lot and frankly sounds unhinged when she does.

  2. Kiersten, I want to be your Netroots buddy, so I donated to Elizabeth Warren. Not a strain, because I do support her.

  3. I see from the WordPress reader feed that Elizabeth Warren is being crucified over this Native American thing. Looks like they are trying to “Swiftboat” her. I hope it does not work.

  4. I looked it up.Why is it of any interest?Maybe the Ward Churchill affair has made this relevant,but it’s not like she was running around playing Native American like he did.
    Native American heritage is over romanticized by too many people-there are some in my family(not me) and it’s just another ethnicity-no magical properties involved.
    I want warren to lose on her policies,period.

    1. Oops-maybe she DID use an alleged 1/32 Native American background to get something-being 1/32 Jewish couldn’t get you killed in Hitler’s Germany and it sure shouldn’t apply in this Native American thing-I believe most tribes require 1/4 heritage to be accepted,although the Cherokees have a bias against accepting Blacks with that background.Swiftboating as you call it isn’t wrong if it’s true.The truth is what it is.pardon me if I sound simplistic-it’s one of those days.

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