Income Inequality, Consumer Debt, and the 1% vs. the 99% [Infographic]

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The differences between the 99% and the 1% don’t end with income. An up-close look at the distinctions between the haves and the have-not-so-muches. (Per my last post, pay particular attention to the credit card portion: despite the huge difference in income (average: $51k vs. $717k)  and net worth, the average American has more than half of the average 1%’s credit card debt. — Wow.)

The 1% Vs. The Average American

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3 thoughts on “Income Inequality, Consumer Debt, and the 1% vs. the 99% [Infographic]

  1. The truly important thing to remember is

    Money = Power

    When wealth becomes concentrated in the hands of a few people, so does power.

    1% of the population controlling too much of the wealth is the recipe for a banana republic-style government.

  2. BTW “klaus”,if you take a good look at countries that had,as you refer to it,”banana republic”style governments,you’ll find they had traditions of authoritarianism running far back in their histories.

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