May Day 2012

Just got back from the May Day march for workers and the 99%. The crowd looked about 200 people, diverse in age, class, race and politics. What Cheer Marching Band was there. The march route took us through the City Hall lobby and I was right next to the tuba player. That was an experience.

What was it all for? For a more fair tax system, for a stop to illegal evictions and help for homeowners, for health care, for employment, for immigration reform and an end to profiling, for youth of all colors, for education.

The march started in Armory Park with drums and music and proceeded downtown. Stops were the Providence School Department, Verizon, City Hall, Bank of America and the Federal Building.

It’s something to get that many people to come out on a chill, rainy day for over three hours. One of the signs said, ‘Another World is Possible’. Not without work and sacrifice, but possible.

2 thoughts on “May Day 2012

  1. We could have used that rain here…not a drop for weeks! But unless I am wrong, is not the population of Providence about 178,000. That would indicate 177,800 folks went to work, school, or stayed home or looking at it a different way, 99.9% of the population chose not to take part. his brings new meaning as to who the 1% actually may be.

  2. Haha-the big worker/student “movement”turns out to be the same old tired bunch that walked around with their signs in front of the Federal courthouse every afternoon.They are the 1/2 %.
    I don’t think the new Providence police chief will allow another camp out in Burnside Park.

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