Mae Jemison Campaigns for the President

Earthrise from Apollo 8
Earthrise from Apollo 8

It’s hard to credit the politicians who say that America is small and broke and can’t afford the public good when you grew up in the age of the Space Race. Astronaut Mae Jemison’s endorsement of President Obama brings up memories of a past president who appealed to our national optimism and made science cool…

The Florida campaign for President Barack Obama announced Sunday that former astronaut Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space, will campaign for the president’s reelection on Florida’s Space Coast on Monday. Jemison, according to the media advisory, will tour Advanced Magnet Lab, a small business in Palm Bay, Florida, that “embodies the importance of President Obama’s space exploration policies for Florida,” in the words of the statement. After the tour, Jemison and Mark Santi, the president of Advanced Magnet Lab, will speak to the media “to discuss how President Obama’s policies ensure that Kennedy Space Center will continue to make history as America’s spaceport during the new chapter in space exploration that our nation is embarking upon.”

Remember that America got to the Moon powered by computers smaller than a child’s toy, using equipment invented for the purpose and built by the lowest bidder. Compared to that accomplishment, catching up to Canada on the health care front is a cinch.

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