Sarah Palin Channels Archie Bunker

Am I showing my age? Remember how that blowhard Archie was always calling his decent, responsible and loyal wife Edith a ‘dingbat’? Now Sarah Palin is channeling her inner Archie applying that label to House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi. This comes right after President Barack Obama’s signature health care bill was upheld by the Supreme Court.

I saw Citizen Palin’s acceptance speech when she was nominated for the vice-presidency in 2008. She was quite scornful of ‘community activists’ and drew the line between those who lobby from the outside vs those who hold political office, with all the power and responsibility. Later she quit her office as Governor of Alaska halfway through her term, so she could be a full time gadfly and inspirational speaker to the Tea Party.

Does she ever miss being on the inside? I think she’s wicked jealous of Nancy Pelosi. After all, Archie’s default mode was a sense of grievance and a sense that there was a party going on and he wasn’t invited.

8 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Channels Archie Bunker

  1. If you took a critical look at Nancy Pelosi instead of exhibiting blind admiration you might see a money grubbing inflexible politician pushing an unpopular agenda hatched in the San Francisco mindset.
    It doesn’t help that you seem to have a visceral hatred of Sarah Palin and her family-it’s okay-no one says you can’t hate her,but it does color your thinking.
    I don’t think all Democrats are dingbats by any means but Pelosi sure is.

    1. Joe, I don’t know if I believe in God, but you are not Him. You’re welcome to make your arguments, but don’t pretend you know who I hate.

  2. I’m going by your comments here.It seems like “Palin”is a red flag waved in your face.
    I’m not even a follower of hers,but anyone can be right sometimes.
    Far be it from me to have delusions of grandeur-I sure wouldn’t have chosen some of the things that went on in my life-but it isn’t like we get to choose all the time.I do believe in God,but not religion.
    i never paid much attention to Nancy Pelosi until she became Speaker-then it was apparent to me she was out there and the staged “big gavel walk”nailed it for me.
    I think Elijah Cummings is her second in “command”-maybe Hoyer,I’m not sure-but while I agree with neither one,I don’t think they’re looney like her.
    Sometimes you’re over sensitive,you know that?mayber being on a job where people called me a piece of s**t and a scumbag on a regular basis helped me be a little less concerned with the opinions of others.

  3. visceral hatred? seriously? you drew visceral hatred out of this post? Honestly, showing my own age as well, I laughed when I read this post. I gotta admit, I don’t expect much of an intellegent analysis from Palin but when I saw this interview on Hannitys show, my first thought was of Archie Bunker. How could you NOT?

    There is plenty in this world to hate. Sarah is not even close to qualifying for that list. I don’t even hate her mindless proclamations. What I DO hate is the intentional distribution and promotion of such tripe as news.

    Visceral? You want visceral? When I was in college “All in the Family” was on a 8:30 on Tuesday evenings. The local Pizza Hut had dollar pizzas on Tuesday evenings until 9. During the last commercial at 8:55 we would call and order pizza and then as soon as the credits started to roll we headed down the road for a late dinner. To this day, if someone says “meathead” I’m thinking pepperonni thin crust pizza.

    “Guys like us we had it made. Those were the days….” Gary B

    1. thanks. I took Archie as a cautionary figure, but my brother took him as a role model. Irony is a double-edged sword.

  4. The only visceral hatred I see on this site comes from one of the commenters who can’t mention Dems without vitriol. Somehow, though, the same level of disdain never attaches to a Republican. For example, GWB lied us into a war (most Republicans still believe that Saddam had WMD when we invaded) and set us up for the worst financial crisis since the Depression, but, somehow, Jimmy Carter was worse. When I pointed this out, I was accused of being in the bag for Obama!

    As for Archie: to be honest, I consider Archie to be Rush’s direct ancestor. Yes, if you watched the show and paid attention, Archie always got his comeuppance, and Meathead was always right. The show had a liberal bias.


    Archie validated racism and bigotry for a huge swath of the populace. He made people feel it was OK to say the things that he said, and to believe the things he said. This sort of validation is, IMO, what led to Rush (or others before him) to experiment with the same sort of sentiments.

    For example, one summer in the mid-70s I used to ride to work with my boss (contractor), and he would listen to country music. There was a popular song called “Dark Complected Camel Jockey.” Would that have come out w/o Archie leading the way? Possibly, but I think Archie opened a door. My dad voted Dem–including McGovern–but he agreed more with Archie than Meathead.

    1. Why don’t you grow a pair and just address me directly?It happens I have a Democrats’ yard sign in front of my house(Ray Hull),smart guy.I also plan to have a Republican one(Doherty)pretty soon.
      Another thing you jerk-I was AGAINST the Iraq War from Day one and NEVER voted for Bush.
      Please stop lying here about what I say.
      I’l tell you some Republicans I consider dirtbags right now-the guy in Illinois who went after Tammy Duckworth because she talks about her war service-I think she earned the right to in spades.He himself(Walsh?)never served,There are issues to go after her on legitimately concerning her policy positions and the fact that wait times for processing claims and appeals didn’t improve under her oversight at the VA when she was Asst.Secretary.I waited 14 months for a simple appeal to be adjudicated-it was-in my favor.
      I vote for the candidate.I dislike Romney-but not as much as Obama.And BTW I have publicly(not hiding behind an alias) criticized fellow conservatives for calling Justice Roberts a “traitor”.
      A few more Republicans I detest-the two idiots,Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell,who blew the chance to control the Senate by being extremists.Paul Wolfowitz.Richard Perle.Donald Rumsfeld.Grover Norquist.
      You have a big “mouth”from behind cover.
      I really think Nancy gets all wound up when “Palin”is mentioned.Sarah Palin is fast on her way to being an historical footnote.

  5. Forgot about Rand Paul-his father is worth listening to,even if one doesn’t support him.Rand,however,is a plain old A-hole.

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