Strong Words from Mitt Romney

An officer and a citizen were killed in the latest random assault weapon murder, but let’s get our priorities straight…

MIAMI (AP) — Mitt Romney says gun laws are not the answer to the recent string of mass shootings.

Romney says it’s not about the weapons used in the attacks, but about the individuals who choose to commit violence against others.

The Republican presidential candidate spoke hours after a police officer, a gunman and a third person were killed in a shooting near Texas A&M University.

Romney says “thoughtful consideration” is needed about what can be done to prevent violent attacks. But he says he isn’t calling for any particular legislation.

Rest in peace, County Constable Brian Bachmann. No one has your back.

4 thoughts on “Strong Words from Mitt Romney

  1. This guy was in his house and was resisting a presumably lawful eviction-law enforcement officers face armed and deranged people all the time-I did on numerous occasions,although no one shot me,In one case it was only because he didn’t release the safety.It’s a known risk of the job.You want to do what?Outlaw guns period?Good luck with that.You cannot remove the dangers of human behavior.

    1. we can’t stop theft, but we lock our cars so that every passing fool doesn’t empty out our glove compartment. less gun crime and fewer lives lost would be a good thing.

  2. Yes-minimize risk-how many people don’t deadbolt their door at night?That spring lock in the knob wouldn’t stop a determined 10 year old.In any event my glove compartment has maybe a used snotrag,a quick sugar source,and an air gauge.

  3. Actually some officers did have his back and the gunman is dead.Maybe small consolation but still justice.Look up a death penalty case titled Luis Garcia vs.Illinois-it details a truly horrible night of bloodletting in Chicago on 1/7/80-the officer involved in the shooting that ended it was a distant relative of mine-I lived in a vacant house he owned when I first got to Chicago.He let any of my fellow agents live there also-rent free while we looked for housing.He was permanently crippled in the incident.Garcia made it off Death Row-you cannot read the description of the events and not think he should have been put down.I’d prefer not to detail them here-part of it is too vile to describe on this blog.

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