The Lone Gunman– A Continuing Drama

As of this writing we don’t know what spark ignited homicide in the mind of the latest famous shooter. This is happening near the campus of Texas A&M, but when all is sorted out, may have nothing at all to do with the college–may have no connection with anything we consider rational.

These days I am reminded of a book by journalist Jessica Stern called, ‘Terror in the Name of God’.

Jessica Stern interviews men and women willing to kill for a cause, Muslims, Christians and Jews across the globe. One of her interviewees is Bob Lokey, an American antiabortion activist–

“What fraction of the antiabortion movement supports killing abortion providers, what you call defensive action? I ask
“A small core would actually carry it out in my view” he says. “But one hundred percent of the people I talk to believe the things I says about it. I sometimes ask people, ‘Do you believe America needs a civil war?’ and everybody I talk to about that says yes. And I talk to a lot of people. A civil war would be pretty violent. Most people that I know and that I talk to would agree with me on this–it’s just that they’re not as vocal as I am.”

Bob Lokey names as an inspiration Paul Hill, who shot and killed Dr. John Britton, and his security escort, James Barrett, a retired air force lieutenant colonel. What is the motive?

“Individual operatives can have their own reasons for turning to terrorism unrelated to the group’s goals. “Individuals are drawn to terrorism in order to commit terrorist violence.” Jerrold Post argues. They feel “psychologically compelled” to commit violent acts, and the political objectives they espouse are only a rationalization.”

Wade Michael Page committed mass murder of his fellow Americans as they peaceably assembled for worship. It may be that he was a missile that misfired– an angry armed man whose suicide mission failed to inspire the masses. An unstable fellow-traveler whose regrettable action is to be deplored. The racists he hung out with are not canonizing him, more like distancing. S..t happens.

But if you believe that in the social ecology nothing persists that fails to serve some purpose, this from Politico raises some questions…

By TOMER OVADIA | 8/13/12 4:50 PM EDT

Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Monday defended gun rights as police investigated a deadly shooting near Texas A&M University, saying firearms issues should be addressed by states and that he doesn’t think “taking guns away from law-abiding citizens” would make the country after.

“When it gets back to this issue of taking guns away from law abiding citizens and somehow know that’s going to make our country safer, it’s just I don’t agree with that,” Perry, who noted he didn’t have all the details of the shootings, said on Fox News while sitting next to Florida Governor Rick Scott.

“I think most people in Texas certainly don’t agree with that, and that is a state-by-state issue, frankly, that should be decided in the states and not again a rush to Washington, D.C., to centralize the decision-making, and them to decide what is in the best interest for the citizens of Florida or for Texas,” Perry continued. “That’s for the people of these states to decide.”

Perry also said people should be able to own guns so that they can defend themselves.

One of the dead was a law enforcement officer on duty, but the Governor is not wasting any breath on regrets.

More fear= more gun sales= more fear= more gun sales. It’s an ill wind blows nobody good.

One thought on “The Lone Gunman– A Continuing Drama

  1. if there ever is any kind of civil war,it won’t be over abortion.It would be over firearms confiscation-I like to live in peace and bother nobody and I have no intention of being disarmed-we have no respect for immigration laws-see where I’m going here?I’d have no respect for an unconstitutional firearms grab.There are a lot of people like me.A lot of them aren’t even conservative at all.In my case,I’m older,ill, and have nothing to lose if someone tries to violate my rights.I actually have no desire to hurt anyone or anything not trying to harm me or my family.When the rule of law becomes a smorgasbord type affair,why bother paying attention to what’s legal?

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