Petition Channel 12 WPRI: Let Abel Collins into the Debate |

I am not sure what is causing Channel 12 to keep Abel Collins out of their upcoming debate for the Congressional seat in District 2. One hopes it is not some unholy alliance between big media and big politicians in Rhode Island, but one can never be sure. With enough pressure, Channel 12 will likely cave (she said optimistically) so please sign the petition. This is not a democrat or republican, liberal or conservative issue — this is a fairness and accuracy in elections issue that everyone should be concerned about.

Petition | Channel 12 WPRI: Let Abel Collins into the Debate |

7 thoughts on “Petition Channel 12 WPRI: Let Abel Collins into the Debate |

  1. Sure-why not?They had Chris Young in the CD1 primary debate.I have no idea who this man is,but apparently he got enough signatures to be on the ballot.

      1. Kiersten-I think the answer I gave you about the Netherlands was informative rather than argumentative.

  2. I live in District 2,but I haven’t been aware there was going to be a debate(s)-all the interest seems to be in CD1 because of the high profiles of the candidates-they DID include a Mr.Vogel on the WJAR debate in CD1-he is an immigration lawyer.Looking at him,I’d say he was too young to have been practicing here when I was still an INS agent.I left in 1996.I think he would pull votes from Cicilline,not Doherty.

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