Insect Life

When the Republican Party is the fly in the Teacup, you know you are far from the middle of the road. Though Sen. Fred Harris once said there is nothing in the middle of the road except yellow lines and dead armadillos, it’s a more happening place than the ditch– which is where Todd Akin’s campaign consultant is driving the message. Todd Akin Gaffes Not a Bug-a Feature.

3 thoughts on “Insect Life

  1. honestly, i can’t believe this guy, or his campaign, are real. although, perhaps it’s not a bad thing to have some crazies come out of the woodwork to show the dangerous slope the Republican party has suddenly found itself slipping around on. the extreme policies of guys like Ryan and Santorum, esp. with regards to women, open the door for guys like Akin. and i agree that from Akin’s vantage, the center is far out of peripheral vision.

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