2 thoughts on “When Nurses Get Depressed

  1. The wholesale prescribing of antibiotics for conditions that don’t require them and the use of the same in animal food sources combined with people only taking enough til they “feel better”in cases where they really do need them lead to this I’d imagine.
    Recently I had a cellulitis infection in my leg which was of unknown origin(they could never identify the bug) and the gave me a combination of IV vancomycin and moxyfloxacin and oral doxycycline and cephalexin.I took all of it that I was supposed to and the infection resolves pretty quickly-the thing is,it felt totally OK after about 3 days,but i kept taking the meds for the entire period prescribed.I had no open wounds so i don’t know how I got it,but it was nasty.

    1. I’m glad you’re doing better. There’s some basic things all the doctors recommend about prevention, but we have to look more at keeping the ecology of the body in balance. Bugs continue to evolve and we must too. Congrats on your recovery– too many people don’t beat something like that.

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