Romney and the Blot on Old Glory

I’m not of the superstitious persuasion, but since former Governor Romney belongs to the party that made our president take the oath of office twice and show his birth certificate to prove he is not from Mars I think it’s fair to ask the question– what the heck is that???

What is that on his flag pin?You want a close up?










Really, what the heck is that?

I do so wish I was hanging with the 1%. Then I would offer a prize for the best caption for these pix. But if anyone has a good word they will have the glory of publishing here.

UPDATE: My niece Hope says it’s a Secret Service star, because the pin was given to Gov. Romney by a member of the Secret Service. I had more baroque conspiracy theories waiting to be dreamed up, but Hope would know, she lives in D.C.

6 thoughts on “Romney and the Blot on Old Glory

  1. Anything to divert from the fact that the President got beaten like a drum in this debate.He even lost his lemmings on MSNBC tonight

    1. Not from where I was sitting. Romney had pressured speech and no specifics. If his ideas were so good, the Bush years would made us all rich.

  2. I’m sorry,but you and I must have watched different debates.When people like Bill Maher,Michael Moore,Chris Matthews,and Ed Schultz are disappointed with Obama’s performance and say so publicly,things are pretty bad.
    Romney sounded like he had more organized thinking and Obama was meandering and about as non specific as he could get.I know you are emotionally invested in Obama,but he just looked bad.
    I am not emotionally invested in Romney-I don’t like him or Ryan very much at all,but more than the alternative.
    Elections aren’t usually decided by debates,but as this is a close race,it’s possible.
    There are two more Presidential and one Vice Presidential debate to go so I’l just be patient and watch-Romney has had a rough few weeks campaigning what with the “47%” remark and all.
    I think it’s funny that Hugo Chavez endorsed Obama-I’m not surprised.

  3. You mentioned the birth certificate again-I have never given it any thought because:the Constitution requires the President be a “natural born citizen” but doesn’t define the term.No court has ever addressed it either.
    A s a person trained and experienced in nationality law(Title 8 US Code) I have come to the conclusion it means someone who acquired US citizenship at birth.Where that birth occured is immaterial.Under the law at the time he was born,Obama would have been a US citizen even if born abroad as long as he satisfied certain residency requirements which he apparently did.End of story.

  4. We need to have Gary Johnson in the debates. he is intelligent, educated and has a sophisticated world view. He was a darned good governor.

    Worrying about a lapel pin Mr. Romney has, seems a bit over the top.

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