Are we creating the “zombie generation?”


An article in today’s New York Times describes a disturbing trend in which children, even without an ADD/ADHD diagnosis, are being prescribed adderall to improve their performance in school. This is especially prevalent in lower-income families where, as the pediatrician who is the focus of the article states, “We’ve decided as a society that it’s too expensive to modify the kid’s environment. So we have to modify the kid.”

And this from a physician who describes ADHD as a “made-up” disorder to begin with. Children as young as three are being diagnosed as bipolar and prescribed powerful mind-altering drugs–Drugs which we don’t understand to begin with, being used on the brains of children which aren’t even remotely close to being fully developed. The US is the most medicated country in the world, and it’s because of a psychopathic pharmaceutical industry and an essential institutional paradox: That in order for the…

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