4 thoughts on “Rosie Perez Sets Mitt Straight about the Latino Vote

  1. Ethnic voting blocs are dear to the hearts of leftists and liberals-and totally wrong in concept.”Expected”attitudes based on race and/or ethnicity are just so much crap,inimical to the idea of free individuals.The vile obscenities recently directed at a Black actress,Stacy Dash(who I’m not really familiar with) because she dared to openly support Romney,is illustrative of the true narrow mindedness of the left.My wife and most of her family are supporting Romney-they are Latino,but don’t pay any mind to useless “celebrities”like Rosie Perez.

  2. BTW I am of Jewish background if not religious belief,and can’t think of a single Jew in Congress I’d vote for except Eric Cantor.The rest are lockstep liberals.

  3. I saw Rosie Perez in one of Spike Lee’s films, I think it was ‘Do the Right Thing’. She did a kind of kata to music, I’ve always admired her since.

  4. I don’t know why entertainers are considered voices to listen to on political/governmental issues-what makes them more knowledgeable than the rest of us?

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