Binders Full of Women Now Voting for Obama

I’m glad someone brought in some binders full of women for Mitt Romney to review for his cabinet as Governor. Otherwise, how would he know how to reach out to this foreign constituency?

And on another note, Ninjanurse details Romney’s new stance on pro-choice issues:

4 thoughts on “Binders Full of Women Now Voting for Obama

  1. The best part of the debate from my view was when it became apparent that Candy Crowley was all the way in the tank for Obama when he asked about the Rose Garden transcript and she came right up with it.I understand that she knew the questions going in and probably had it ready,but how did HE know she head it?Now,if you can answer that with a straight face,I’d be amazed.I think he cheated big time.The candidates weren’t supposed to have advance knowledge of the questions.As usual,I expect crickets.
    I also noticed that Cicilline had a large reference book to refer to duting his debate with Doherty-he must’ve needed it to keep his lies straight,Doherty made do with just a few notes.He was telling the truth-always easier.

  2. Sandra Fluke drew a crowd of TEN people at a campaign stop in Reno,NV.A person throwing up their lunch in Kennedy Plaza could do better.
    BTW I heard Melissa harris-Perry,a seriously unbalanced person on MSNBC this AM criticize the “castle doctrine”.That relates to defending yourself in your own home-how insane.
    I bring this stuff up because you here never miss a chance to ridicule and denigrate conservatives.

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