5 thoughts on “Birth Control vs Woman Control | Emancipation Conversation

  1. Gee-I haven’t seen you address the 14 year old girl shot in the head by practitioners of the “religion of peace” for daring to want an education.I guess there is a no go zone around this blog when it comes to criticizing Islam.

    1. Right, we girls shouldn’t complain about our politicians. We should be grateful they’re not the Taliban. Thanks for reminding me to keep expectations low– I was having this crazy idea that female, non-religious people counted.

  2. i see you censored my previous comment-your blog;your prerogative-I guess you don’t like difficult truths

  3. You don’t count?Bull.You get the same vote I do.You want two votes?For all your complaining I don’t see where you have lost any rights.A lot of noise over imagined hurts.

  4. Actually we should all be grateful we don’t live under Taliban rule.There are some religious extremists here,but they don’t call the tune-most extremists in the US are marginalized by the size and diversity of the country itself.How many votes could a Todd Akin get for some of his dingbat notions even if elected to the Senate?Probably just a handful or less.I personally think Chuck Schumer is an extremist-and I know that boy-he was my NY State Assemblyman before I left that hellhole.He has a lot of power in the Senate but he can still be thwarted-our system empowers the middle path.
    I think this is why Obama is in trouble-his rather far left economic/social policies and his courting of internationalism-not his race-the number of people who are voting against him solely on race isn’t enough to turn an election.The fact that 97% of Black people are expected to vote for him suggests that racially based voting is alive and well in certain segments of our society.

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