Cool Hurricane Maps

John Maeda from RISD posted a good graphical map on Twitter ESRI.COM disaster response. ESRI is a web mapping service.

The National Hurricane Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has graphics and updates every six hours. All the commercial weather forecasters depend on NOAA.

Here’s the City of Providence hurricane news.

Youse all stay home and stay dry. If you didn’t already buy bread and milk, just settle for cake and champagne– good by candlelight.

One thought on “Cool Hurricane Maps

  1. At least it won’t be cold so if there is a power outage people like older shut ins won’t have to contend with hypothermia.The map looks like we get the edge of the main storm activity.The main impact will be around Ocean County NJ where my parents used to live-it’s really flat there and a big storm surge could be disastrous.

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