Do it for Salman Rushdie

Author Kevin Sessums says Salman Rushdie tweeted him that he can’t vote for Barack Obama, but we can. Yes we can. Don’t worry world, we’ve got it covered.


4 thoughts on “Do it for Salman Rushdie

  1. Why do foreign nationals feel compelled to offer their opinions on who we should elect?I surely wouldn’t take a side if I were a guest in another country.

  2. That’s nice.I didn’t say he should lose his right to speak.I just think sometimes a right isn’t “right”.It’s just a matter of opinion-we don’t generally murder people for what they say here.

  3. I seem to remember your friend Karina Wood leading the Million Mom March here and sharing a stage with Jack Reed and that nitwit Kennedy.Then she goes on talk radio and says she is a resident alien from the UK.I think that was pretty nervy-trying to change our laws while living here as a guest-and what was worse,she got to promote her agenda at some length to a Senator and a Representative.Neither of them would give two minutes to a US citizen on the other side of the issue.If she has since become a citizen,that’s different ball game.When one naturalizes they must swear allegiance to the United States which is a serious commitment.At that point they are welcome to join the discussion with some credibility.

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