4 thoughts on “Do it for Salman Rushdie

  1. Why do foreign nationals feel compelled to offer their opinions on who we should elect?I surely wouldn’t take a side if I were a guest in another country.

  2. That’s nice.I didn’t say he should lose his right to speak.I just think sometimes a right isn’t “right”.It’s just a matter of opinion-we don’t generally murder people for what they say here.

  3. I seem to remember your friend Karina Wood leading the Million Mom March here and sharing a stage with Jack Reed and that nitwit Kennedy.Then she goes on talk radio and says she is a resident alien from the UK.I think that was pretty nervy-trying to change our laws while living here as a guest-and what was worse,she got to promote her agenda at some length to a Senator and a Representative.Neither of them would give two minutes to a US citizen on the other side of the issue.If she has since become a citizen,that’s different ball game.When one naturalizes they must swear allegiance to the United States which is a serious commitment.At that point they are welcome to join the discussion with some credibility.

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