And in case you were wondering, spinach is the winner in the superfood faceoff with kale.

Feel good, live healthy

Kale has been the trendy new health food in recent years, and with good reason. But don’t forget about the old standby super food, spinach.

Looking at this graphic we made from information provided by USNews, there seems to be a reason behind Popeye’s obsession with spinach instead of other green superfoods — namely perhaps more fiber, protein, calcium and potassium.

You can’t really go wrong with either one. It’s one reason we include both in some of our products, like Nature’s Harvest.


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  1. Spinach is great,but if you have kidney problems,the lower potassium level in kale is probably healthier-same if you are on high dose ACE inhibitors-i almost rolled a 7 from ACE inhibitor induced hyperkalemia-nowadays I take another med and can have spinach

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