Learning about Curcuma, the yellow healing power

Time to refill my turmeric capsules!

All things that matter...

When I was a student of ayurvedic massage I started to experiment with herbs and spices. The oils I used for massaging were cooked with herbs and Curcuma, Turmeric or simply ‘yellow root’ was one of them.

In Ayurveda Curcuma is one of the most important herbs because it is very, very, very powerful! It has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and cardio-protective properties. All this is not just theory, but more studies confirm how powerful this herb is.

Curcuma stimulates blood circulation, oxygenates our blood, protects us from various types of cancer and keeps our heart healthy and strong. Using curcuma in my food became obvious. However, it has been a year since I started using this herb again regularly.

I love its vibrant yellow colour, reminding me of sunny days, making me smile instantly. The ultimate way to uplift your spirits.

How I use Curcuma:

-In a glass of warm…

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