3 thoughts on “America’s deportation machine: The great expulsion | The Economist

  1. It sure is a complex issue,yet politicians and others prattle on about it without knowing the ground game -I had over 20 years experience as an INS agent,yet nowadays I tend to avoid commenting about the subject because of all the ignorant nonsense any realistic assessment triggers from people who know little or nothing of the law or the facts.

  2. Early in his first term, George Bush said he was talking with Mexican president Vincente Fox, about the immigration crisis. When Fox refused to join the ‘coalition of the willing’ in the invasion of Iraq, that was shelved.
    I think the problem of desperate people coming over the border needs to be solved at the international level. Mexico needs to address the conditions that drive people to risk their lives coming to the US, and the US needs a sane and realistic immigration policy that looks beyond the individuals with the least power.

  3. If that is away of endorsing an “open borders”philosophy,it’s extremely foolish.We have an absolute right to determine who comes in and stays here.Every country in the world follows that rule.Mexico is a basket case right now-politically unstable(nothing new there going back to the early 20th Century)and socially-the Cartels have initiated a reign of terror-do you want that moved north?Think you’ll be immune?They don’t give a damn about the law-they make their own.You weep over people with the ‘least power”.That doesn’t apply to foreign criminal gangs and organizations-they have a lot of power and use the flow of illegal aliens to submerge themselves.it’s hardly just Mexicans either-lots of people from every other part of the world also.I love when that scam artist Teny Gross preaches about “us”needing more immigration”particularly from the south”when his country of Israel has the most restrictive immigration laws imaginable.Here he is,a foreign national telling Americans what they need.Chutzpah on steroids.

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